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Apr 8, 2016
Ok Roo or hen???? He/she is 3 weeks old, hatched by my buff. I'm not really sure what the bread is, the egg was given to me by someone else.
I'm curious to find our what everyone thinks. Last time I posted a baby pic everyone was right.
Pink and very little. The girl that gave it to me said dad was an ameraucana but had no idea what the mom is, she said white and orange chicken.
I have a chicken that looks like it.

He/she is a super sweet baby. Mom already has it out of the brooder box and with the flock. It's the only chick we kept out of the clutch. We actual kept it thinking it was a roo because the lady that gave us the eggs couldn't have another rooster. The only reason we thought it was a roo was it was more lively then the rest (totally innacurate) now I'm seriously questioning the sex. Our gain, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a pullet!
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