Let's see your Birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Apr 1, 2014
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In this thread you can post pics of your birds! I wanna see the chickens that you have raised! Dont be afraid to add their names! ( just so you guys dont worry, naming your birs is NORMAL!)
Are cockerel we breed and raised and a few chickens

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Ken my fine cockerel and his first lady Clara .My chick Lola in cage not ready to mix with ken and Clara till she gets big enough to defend herself, as i think there's going to be a bit of competition between them.

My boy Eddy

My girl Floppy:

My boy Pip:

My hen Daisy (excuse the words in the pic, I have a chicken rescue so...)

My hen Chirp:

My hen Glinda:

This is my hen Willow:

My rooster Gandhi

My hen Puff:

My hen Snapple:

My hen Herki

My rooster Scribble:

My hen Dotty:

My rooster Foghorn:

And I have more chickens, and I may post more pics soon! :)

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