Lets see your DIY no spill feeders and creative waterers!

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    Aug 6, 2014
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    I have a similar setup for my feeder and my chickens throw the feed everywhere! Do you have this problem? What are those orange things on your waterer? They don't look like the traditional red nipples that don't give enough water to my chickens. Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Hello, it's good to know that someone else thinks like me on here. As far as the chickens scattering the feed that is sometimes a problem. I'm sure everyone at some point has at least one chicken that will scratch food onto the ground however with it being just right there at the feeder I haven't seen it become a problem for me because they pretty much eat everything they drop. I'm always changing things up because this is all new for me I had picked that setup because I knew I was going to build an adjoining coop of which I have since then completed. If you refer to the picture with the feeder you can see I use it for both cages now thus the reason I chose that set up.


    As far as the orange cup waterers I got those on eBay. I also have a five gallon bucket with the red nipples you spoke of, they seem to water somewhat. These are bought with threads intended to go into a container or PVC. Here is a link to tell you more information about these cups.


    For the most part they do work for me, but you should know they're not a hundred percent fool proof. Sometimes I have to go in and press the yellow float (which isn't a float at all) to add more water to the cups, because if it evaporates the chickens stop trying to get water out of it and it doesn't fill back up.

    The main reason I went in the direction I did with this feeder and waterer is because I had probably 80% of the PVC in the pictures and I had to buy a very little.
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    I've tried nipple waterer and a couple other waterers but somehow they still keep making a huge mess and spilling everything..the nipple waterer was constantly dripping.. Anyone ever use a dog water dish with rocks in it?
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    If you have electric available toss a pond or stock tank deicer in one along with a small pond pump to pump water to the other barrel. It'll circulate and keep the nipples unfrozen too. I had a setup like that but with smaller buckets for my rabbits a couple years ago. Going to set it up again for the chickens before winter. Currently they're just on a gravity nipple water.
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    Jun 28, 2013
    Yes I use a dog automatic water dish and it works great and easy to clean. If chicks are around I put rocks ii it till
    They have grown big enough to remove the rocks. I take a long handle kitchen sink brush to clean it and dump out the dirty water. Their is one more thing that I like about it and that is worming the chickens, by puttng dewormer in the water and turning it off for the whole day they get the right amount of medication. The next day I clean and dump the dirty water out, and turn the water back on so they have their fresh water again. Another thing is my
    Chickens are all around the dish even hang on the side of it to drink but they do not mess go poddy in it. They are all bantams and are very small and I have it raised up higher then the rest of the area.
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    Jun 10, 2015
    Dirty, but it fits a bag of food.

  7. What about small feeders? I keep one on the countertop in the coop for when the girls are locked up at night. It has always worked fine (it's the kind that is open on top and you pour the food in and twist the container for it to fill into the lip at the bottom) but one or more of my new hens are dumping the food all over the countertop. When I come in to clean in the morning the feeder is almost empty and there is food spread everywhere over the pine shavings. It's as if they are doing an art project when I'm not looking!

    Is there a different kind of small feeder I could use to prevent the spillage?
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    Jun 28, 2013
    I had to upgrade my feeder from plastic to a metale can style.
    I put in wood blocks to keep the
    Feed inside feeder where it belongs.
    Their are 6 outlets 31/4" PVC elbows.
    That's plenty big for bantams.[​IMG]
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    May 2, 2016
    How did you get them to start using it?
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    Jun 28, 2013
    I put a little bit of feed down by the outlets and the feeder is in the same place as the last feeder was. Which is posted here some time ago. The old one lasted a couple of years. This one is a life time feeder I hope. The chickens
    Didn't have a problem with the feeder at all. There is no waistage of feed, no spillage or spoilage.,

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