Lice and Mite powder NOT working!! Is there a shampoo I can use?


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Mar 31, 2008
I bought a huge standard cochin from breeder about 3 months ago. The day I went to pick him up she had bathed him and said she found a "few" mites. She sprayed him with Frontline on the neck, under his wings and around his vent. She said that would be it for mites. I had 8 hens and no knowledge of mites or lice so thought it's no big deal.
All during quarentine (sp) I did not notice any bugs on him, but he is soo feathered I'm not able to see all over his body. I wasn't long after he was with my bug free hens that they were all crawling with them.
I bought poultry dust and had had them on a 7 day dusting rotation for 4 times and never saw a change in the amount of infestation. I've changed shavings and sprayed the coop with liquid seven. I even sprayed the flock with Adams spray. It worked great but you have to be so careful not to use to much that there's no was to saturate their feathers. Do you know if I can use a vet shampoo designed for dogs or cats who have either mites or lice on chickens? Any help would be great.
Try ivomec pour on (.05%) you only need about 5 drops or so on the chickens and that will also de-worm the chickens. The ivomec kills both biting and sucking lice and mites. There's another post on BYC that describes exactly how to use it.
The brand of ivomec pour on we get is Epinrex. Use 0.5cc on large fowl, 0.25cc on bantams. Place on skin of back of neck. It does ot kill the eggs (nothing does that I know of) so you hae to repeat in about 14 days, after they hatch.

Some of the dog/cat flea shampoos are very harmful to chickens.
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I'm really sorry to hear that you were taken advantage of by that woman. Nearly all the pharmacies ( I would go to walmart....cheapest) have lice shampoo for humans. I would try that. Earlier this afternoon I read a post from someone who did not want to use chemicals for the lice and bathed the chicken in warm water with 2 cups dissolved salt. If I remember right he dunked them (keeping the head out of the water of course) for about 5 minutes and then in new water shampooed them with Dawn and rinsed very well with warm water. He said he had good results but I'm not sure I would want to do that to 9 different chickens. Good luck.
You can also put some DE (food grade only) in their dust bath areas in their run - also - you can put some in a cheese cloth bag and "pat" down the chickens. It also kills lice and mites

Ivomec works too -

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