Light blue feet on Silkie chick


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Jul 8, 2021
Hi all, any help here would be appreciated. I have left my chicks to their own devices while they've been getting used to being outside but I've just let them out with the rest of the flock and noticed that two of the chicks have light blue feet. I hatched these from a white Silkie mum and grey Silkie rooster (he's got magenta earlobes)
If there's a medical issue if rather sort it sooner than later. Have seen posts about dark blue skin but not pale blue. Their sibling has the expected black feet. The ginger one and the lighter grey one are the 2 with light skin


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Thanks guys. Good to know it's nothing to worry about. Was surprised enough when the 3 hatched nothing like either parent
Good replies above. We raise Silkies, and one had such blue feet and feathers as a chick that we named her "Elvis" because, well............................ Blue Suede Shoes of course!

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