Light Brahma Chicken in the stew pot?

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    Sep 14, 2015
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    Anyone here process Brahma Chickens? I was questioning about getting cornish X's but instead got brahmas cause for one there beautiful and for two there big. I did not buy online i bought from a local breeder around my area. But was interested in raising them for meat, not my main ones but the offspring. I know it takes them about a year to grow out. Anyone use them?
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    Their size alone is not the only point to consider - while you can certainly eat them, their slow growth is not an issue only of time but also of the practicality/efficiency when you consider the investment (monetary and time) that will go into each bird reaching processing. You wouldn't have to wait for them to reach full-size prior to processing, if you are looking at the processing as a way to deal with culls from your breeding program you can process at any age/size and avoid the prolonged expense issue. Even the slow growing breeds would be at a decent size at 6 months vs a year.

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