Little Giant® Still-Air Incubator??

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    Jan 11, 2013
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    It was $44.99 at TSC now it's $34.99 and I'm really thinking about buying it up and trying it?
    I really wasn't interested in a still air incubator, since circulated just makes more sense, but what do you guys think about this incubator? Anyone use it and have successful hatches? I'm planning to do the dry hatch method.

    This March I should be having RIR and Silkies eggs coming.

    Also, I was going to try making my own and I'm still going to, but thinking about trying this for my first hatch.
    Just the wafer thermostat and Cpu fan alone is going to cost me $30 off from amazon...So what could $35 hurt for this one?... lol help me make a decision?!
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    Little giants can work if you babysit them and have them in a room that has super stable temps. 35 dollers is a pretty good price but you get what you pay for . Little giants are prone and very much known for there temp spikes many people have had many many many eggs ruined by this little bator. You can concivebly hatch eggs with just about any heat source but if your eggs are important to you and you want to get a good hatch especally if you dont have 24 hours a day to baby sit the LG I would go with a diffrent one. Sure you may spend more money but if you are buying eggs it will take only a few months to get a better bator paying for itself so to speak and only a few months for the little LG to cost you more then a better bator in egg causlties. I would recomend this for you if you want a stryo bator And this one for a NON styro bator
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