Little Silkie rooster?

Mariella posey

Apr 29, 2020
Okay, I will try to get better pictures tomorrow. I was hoping it was a hen but I kept doubting myself as it continued to grow.
Yes, I'm pretty sure it's crossed with something else but I have no clue what! It came in a large group of mix-breeds with only 1 other silkie that died when they were young. After I figure out what gender it is I plan on getting it a few friends, but if it is a rooster I don't want to get a rooster and have them fight and I don't want to have to go looking for a new rooster if I only buy hens.
It talks like a hen, My mother calls it nest talking, that sound hens make when they are just being hens (Braak brak Braak, not to be confused with the banshee Bakbak bergak! that they make when upset)


Nov 19, 2020
LA (Lower Alabama)
For what it’s worth my silkie hen, Kylo Hen, is a black silkie. Her comb and wattle are black with blue earlobes, but her poof on her head is just a little mohawk like yours. She also has hard feathers in the ends of her wings. Her brothers that had to find a new home started crowing around six to eight weeks. So if it’s not crowing yet I’m gonna go for hen. But I agree a full body pic helps a lot.

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