Lockdown tomorrow, anyone else this weekend?


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I'm seeing a couple of my eggs rocking and rolling, or trying to roll..they are turning and getting ready for the big day. Why is it so fun just to see the dog on egg move? Ooh, the anticipation!
I just bought some Salmon Faverolles from someone on here. I'm so excited. Her chickens look great! I've looked around on the net since I first saw her add, but had to go back to hers.
Yep...on lockdown starting tomorrow night.I am getting more nervous as this is my first time.I put 18 eggs in and 13 seem to be doing something.I'm really nervous about the humidity though because I have no way to measure it.The guy who let me borrow the bator told me how much water to put in and when but...from what I'm reading on here...it seems touchy!Anyway...I hope all goes well for both of us
Sounds like things are moving along if you know that you have some doing something. Make sense?

When the time comes, and they start pipping, if there are any problems, come on here and don't be afraid to ask questions. Everyone is great to respond with what they have experienced.
You stop turning tomorrow night, my last turn is tonight..I turn my eggs myself, 3 x a day. Yesterday and today, I actually felt a kick from a couple of different ones...they are really getting ready...unless it was an irritated little roo that didn't want to be bothered!
Let us know what ya get!
Im with you....I went into lockdown yesterday, I have 10 that are good eggs, I hope....nothing yet...I am trying the egg cartons for the first time so I hope that works. My last hatch was not good. 3 out of 20, they were shipped eggs. These also were shipped but hopefully will be better as I has 10 out of 15 looking good, we will see when all is said and done. Good Luck Everyone!!!!
Thanks Cynthia12....I am soooo anxious! I want at least one to hatch and be a hen!!Lol...is that too much to ask?I have also been hand turning 3x a day.The kids have been helping and are pretty excited too so I hope it doesn't disappoint.The guy I borrowed the bator from said tomorrow night...fill both little trays with water...and leave the temp around 100.So far the temps have flucuated a bit from about 99 to 102 ..I keep adjusting it to get it as close to 100 as I cao far,they seem to be getting bigger...and I have seen some movement so....
Yes,movement is good! But I've been reading on here about people much more experienced than me...with better equipment...having eggs get to day 20 and not hatch!!! OMG...I would flip!
I hope they finish out...they've come so close.Plus they're mixes so I've heard they are easier to hatch.I hope so! Lockdown begins at 9 tonight
I'm still seeing movement, they getting in place. It sounds like you will have some hatch for sure. You know what they say, don't count your chicks until they're all hatched.
I haven't had a 100% hatch yet, but really close.
Mine are also barn yard mixes this time. Although, one dad is pure Cuckoo Marans, the other pure, huge, beautiful giant of a Buff O. The hens are Americana, Black sex link, RIR, and Red sex links..I'm thinking I just may be able to sex some of these.

I have some Salmon Faverolles coming..now I'm excited and worried at the same time, because I have had eggs shipped but once before. I'm only getting 12, so, we shall see what we shall see. Her chickens are beautiful! I hope I get a few to hatch!

So, your last day to turn. Now the fun begins...sometimes, they want to pip early..so have fun with your kids watching for a pip starting tomorrow night and then on.

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