LOL! Scary moment that made me laugh!

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8 Years
Apr 30, 2012
We just started letting our CX's out in the yard on warm, sunny days. As you can imagine, we are a little over protective. One of my cockerels looked like he was turning blue. He was off-color, laying on the ground with his eyes closed.

I immediately thought he was too cold and going to die. When I walked up to him, he stood up, shook and a HUGE CLOUD OF DUST SCATTERED FROM HIS SCRAGGLY FEATHERS!!! Then I realize he had scratched the grass and given him a rich, black dust bath.

He ran to the food tray and started eating.

Glad he is enjoying himself.
Hey, you interruped his bath! Eek, shut the coop, I'm naked!

My favorite thing from our Freedom Rangers - the post-lunch group nap in the sunshine! All 25 of 'em sprawled out in the sunshine with their eyes closed - legs and wings spread every which way...Funny! Super funny!

I've yet to get a picture of 'em that way. If I try to sneak up with a camera, they pop up and ask, "snack?!"....wierdo's!

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