LOL! Scary moment that made me laugh!


8 Years
Apr 30, 2012
We just started letting our CX's out in the yard on warm, sunny days. As you can imagine, we are a little over protective. One of my cockerels looked like he was turning blue. He was off-color, laying on the ground with his eyes closed.

I immediately thought he was too cold and going to die. When I walked up to him, he stood up, shook and a HUGE CLOUD OF DUST SCATTERED FROM HIS SCRAGGLY FEATHERS!!! Then I realize he had scratched the grass and given him a rich, black dust bath.

He ran to the food tray and started eating.

Glad he is enjoying himself.

Life is Good!

9 Years
Apr 14, 2011
suburbia Chicagoland
Hey, you interruped his bath! Eek, shut the coop, I'm naked!

My favorite thing from our Freedom Rangers - the post-lunch group nap in the sunshine! All 25 of 'em sprawled out in the sunshine with their eyes closed - legs and wings spread every which way...Funny! Super funny!

I've yet to get a picture of 'em that way. If I try to sneak up with a camera, they pop up and ask, "snack?!"....wierdo's!

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