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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Lil' Jerry, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Howdy folks,

    My family has owned our turkey for a few years now, and she's grown very attached to people. She loves kids, curious about strangers, and follows us around the yard as we do work. In the spring she gets very antsy about our neighbors if they're outside and will run to greet them as soon as we turn our backs.

    Thing is, she can also become very aggressive in the blink of an eye, for seemingly no reason (she goes after me the most), and then moments later she'll be fine. We used to have a pair of old ducks that she was raised with, but as she got older she started attacking them, so we had to separate them. Now that the ducks are gone, and we really only have the time to let her out of the pen for about an hour a day, we're afraid she's getting lonely.

    We'd like to give her some company, but are afraid any roommate we pair with her is either gonna get hurt, or hurt her when she starts a fight.

    tl;dr: What would be a good pairing for a lonely, moody turkey?
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    A mirror to occupy her might help. She will very likely interact with (fight) the mirror as she would another bird, but nothing will get hurt.
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    More turkeys. Turkeys are very social birds and do best when they are with other turkeys.
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