LOOK! Missing Horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9 Years
Oct 1, 2010
SE OK ~ Farris/Antlers
Hubby and I came home from work last night to discover we had a horse missing! He walked the fence, checked the gates for tire tracks and looked to see if he might be laying somewhere in the pasture... nothing. We REALLY hoped that he might return this morning and he hasn't. We are filing a police report.

If you are in Oklahoma or Texas will you keep a lookout for this horse? Sorrel quarter horse with three stocking feet, 18 years old. WE MISS HIM!!! Please pray that he will be returned or wander home soon!

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I have also posted on Facebook and my blog. I was more careful on Facebook in case it may be someone that I know. I hate to think of that.... but where are horses are no one would even realize they were there unless they knew.
He's been found!

If I could spank him like a child, I would!

He was in a neighbors joinging pasture. Somehow how he apparently went through the barbed wire fence. His front legs were pretty scratched up. Hubby was driving around the property and the nearby roads and saw him out in the pasture of a distant neighbor of ours. He is now back at home safe and sound. I'm still curious how that big ol' lug could have gone through a fence, but I guess stranger things have happened! Thank you to all of you that gave me ideas about things to do to get him back! Hugs

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