Lookin to trade Emu egg for Black Swan...


16 Years
May 11, 2007
Huntertown, Indiana
I have access to fertile Emu eggs. We are looking for some Black Swan eggs. Anyone out there willin to trade som Black Swan eggs for one of the biggest chickens you ever did see. Let me know...
Huntertown, IN:fl
So far it is warm and not sweating... other than that we are hoping for the best. By my calculations we should be seeing something around Mach 5th. I just lost two of my first chicks by mistakenly putting them into the coop too early. I think the other hens killed them? The one survivor was actually my favorite as it is a cross between my Black Orps and my Silkie Roo. I also have a Barred Rock / RR cockerel from the same batch. I took them back to the brooder.

The lady providing me with the Emu eggs is looking for a pair of black swans or anything really unusual. I found out there is no market on Ebay or other places except as an oddity item. I tried to arrange to attempt a trade on the swap thread but I guess the moderator is keeping it strictly chicken or waterfowl so I back on this section having a go trying to find a friend her swans.

She will be supplying me with some Peacock eggs for my bator too as soon as they start laying. I missed them last year because I didn't have the bator and the racoons got all the eggs before they could be hatched.

Thanks for asking.
Why thank you Maam.

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