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6 Years
Jul 22, 2016
Hi! We have a very mixed flock at the moment. Two muscovy ducks, an Ayam cemani, a golden pheasant, and an unknown breed chicken. We are looking to expand on our weirdos! Any interesting suggestions?
Free range ? Icelandic are beautiful birds , they all look so different but they aren’t happy penned up .

I love my pekin ducks , so silly and loud!!Or how about a pig or two ??

Have fun with your funny farm
Sounds like an interesting menagerie!
Peacocks (if you have room)
Phoenix chickens or other long tailed chickens.
I like my Dark Cornish. I got these from a guy who breeds to show. So their body type and coloration is much closer to the Standard than hatchery birds.
My favorites are our Easter Eggers. They have colored eggs & each one is uniquely colored feather wise too. I enjoy their quirky personalities too.

Though our Light Brahma is quite a character too. She is so big but so sweet too.

I like variety too so we have:
Easter Eggers
Buff Orpingtons
Silver Laced Wyandottes
Black Copper Marans
Light & Buff Brahmas
Gold Sexlink
Black Sexlink
(Prior to a predator we had a Favaucana)
I hope to add some more Favaucanas
& Crested Cream Legbars

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