Looking for young laying hens in lower michigan


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10 Years
May 2, 2009
Ann Arbor MI

I am in Ann Arbor, 2-300 mile radius is fine i will pick up, looking for 10 / 15 hens to start a new flock.
[email protected]
I am located in New Boston and will be putting some birds up for sale this week. I have some nice standard Cochins that lay a large brown egg and are beautiful birds as well.
I should have some pics up soon.
HI, I just got 4 hens from a friend of mine.. His son moved away and he as gonna get rid of them all.. He decided to keep them for now and try to sell them instead of kill them.. Theres RIR, Araucanas, Barred Rocks, Black Australorps etc.. they were last springs babies and laying nicely.. (my four are anyway) Seem to be healthy and I've had them since May 18th.. Let me know if you might be interested in some , they are in Imlay City, MI

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