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Dani G

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Apr 30, 2012
I have a 26 week old French Lavender Orplington who started show signs of constricting toes and feet. where he is unable to walk without falling and unable to get up. I have tried splints and he is doing better but he still falls. like he trips over his own feet. he walks like a model one foot in front of another and trips over the first foot. any other solutions u can give me?
not a disease I do not think, he was in a pen with 33 chicks and he is the only one that has symptoms. I was told beef liver would help. I had to order some vitamin supplements from my feed store, special order. I ended up having to take him out of the pen and put him in a pet carrier, I woke up this morning and he was on his side unable to get up. I picked him up and he went back on his side. it was the only thing I could think of that is his size that he would not be able to move and fall
the pictures with them laying over and the feet out look like it except his toes are curled. no I have not given him any vaccines. should I do it now? will it help? he was just in an enclosed area with 33 6 week old chicks. what should I do. oh geez. tell me what I need to do.
who and where would I get the vaccines, we do not have a vet that does poultry, will feed stores have it? I have 3 different yards with different birds in it and non of them have every had vaccinations.
Unfortunately, Mareks vaccine should be given as soon as a chick hatches. You can buy it online to give to future chicks. There are many threads on here to search about Mareks if you use the search at the top of the page or Google Mareks disease. Also there are many people on BYC dealing with the disease. It may still just be a vitamin problem or something else such as botulism. Here is another link for info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marek's_disease
i think you are right. I had him in with my chicks cause he was too docile to be with my hens and unfortunately I just had 2 10 week old chicks die in the last 2 days. I am so mad. I should have never bought a chicken from an unknown buyer. I am so stupid. now all 36 chicks plus him are gonna end up dying

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