Lost 2 hen ducks last night


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Jul 28, 2008
Beecher, Il
I really need some help here. I lost my last 2 hen ducks last night. They were taken out of a secured ? House, feathers everywhere inside & outside yard, no blood to be found of any significance. They have a fully fenced enclosure, 4 foot fence, and @ night they are in an igloo type dog house with a wire door, ( heavy) secured with a bungee cord, into hook areas halfway down the sides. Whatever took them did not take the drake. What am I dealing with here ? I am so confused !
Thanks for any help !
whats the fencing made out of, is there a top to the run?
It's chicken wire fencing, reinforced with the small 1/2 inch square hole fencing. There is no top, so what eber it was took them over the top. There are no holes in the fence. I think I need a taller fence, a battery and some jumper cables.
If there is no top and they are in a dog house that they can come and go freely from.....they are a meal waiting on the predator.

You need to cover the run and lock them up at night...only way to stop it.

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