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May 6, 2022
So unfortunately, our mama hen seems to be a bit neglectful ... We let her and the babies run around the yard (3 acres) while we cleaned the coop. We had to clean it pretty good because we found 2 chicks trampled over night ... They're less than a month old and she takes care of them but I've watched her step on them and run right over the chicks to get food or water.... Now on to the current problem ... While we were cleaning she went into the woods with the chicks (she's never gone into the woods before so I didn't expect her to even consider this). We got her back and all but one chick who bolted further in. We went in after it but can't find it, it barely makes any noise, an occasional cheep every 10 minutes or so but we can't pinpoint it's location. We tried bringing momma hen along to see if she can call it over or help find it but no luck ... It's been with us for a few weeks now but it's so young I don't think it'll be able to find it's way back.
No luck ... Our woods are covered in vines and shrubs, and the chick is really small. The only reason we even found the rest of them is because of the noise they were making. This one just shot off when we gathered up the rest, probably got scared and tried to get away ... It stop cheeping after it got dark and I sat outside almost all night listening for it
Also, the part about momma stepping on the babies and stuff seems to just be her not paying attention or something, most of the time they're fine but she hurt ones leg yesterday, it's fine now but it was limping for a few hours.... Also, I've tried playing cheeping sounds on YouTube and getting momma to make noises too with no luck.

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