Lost feathers and Red, dry, irritated skin? How do i treat her?


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7 Years
Dec 8, 2012
My hen has been wearing a chicken saddle since last fall due to a very persistant roo... now i am waiting for her feathers to grow back but her skin is so dry, red and it looks like it hurts her. What can ido to help or treat her?
this usually works for me. in 2-3 weeks you shouldn't be able to tell she was ever bald.

if your not feeding a feed that is at least 18% change to higher percentage. separate her from the rooster and leave her saddle off. in a week you should notice a significant difference in the feather growth. if no changes let me know.

just to be on the safe side, check her for mites and lice. treat if any bugs are found.

trim the rooster's toenails and spurs. and give them a bigger pen if possible.

best of luck,

p.s. it is possible that she has some sort of skin infection if the redness in the top picture is the best representation, I would look into it.
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