Lost lots of chicks....barn fire


13 Years
Mar 4, 2009
We had 20 RIR chicks and 2 aricaunas in our little holding pen and hey had their heat lamp catch on fire.So my wife woke up at 1:40 to take our dog out to the restroom and noticed NO LIGHT ON in the barn and went out and well there was a little fire.All of the barn animals are FINE but LOST a lot of chicks.Our pygmy goats are covered in black smoke but the pig is OK(lol)and the rabbit was scared.
SO that is WHY we are UP at the crack of dawn,even our 9 yr old is up and alive this early morning.
I can't tell you how many times we have heard this lately!! Please be careful!!
SEVERAL folks have reported issues with the brooder lamps falling and catching hay/bedding/coop floor on fire lately. It's heartbreaking!
Did you check to make sure the lamp was rated for the bulb wattage. It is printed inside the lamp. I dont think some people look at that. Some are only rated for 150 and the ceramic ones for 250 watts. I'm sorry you lost your babies. If you find out if that is the case please let everyone know so they will be sure to check. I am extremely afraid of fire and always check the lamp before plugging.
So sorry to hear/read about your losses, but boy oh boy am I glad that things weren't any worse than they were. It's absolutely amazing that you didn't loose your whole barn and all of the animals that were in it. That in itself if a tremendous blessing. This is most definitely one of those sweet and sour stories or moments.
That is so scary...I am sorry for your loss but glad nothing worse happened. Those heat lamps scare the crap out of me! That is why I keep my babies inside w/a regualr light bulb...I am just too chicken (no pun intended).

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