Lost one of my drakes today :( * Change that to, I lost 2 ducks!


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My husband used to work at a car dealership a few years ago and as he would check the lots at night, this friendly little duck would follow him all around and every night he would get him some saltine crackers as a treat. He would wander the railroad tracks during the day and my husband always worried about him so one night he put him in a box and brought him home. We immediately fell in love with him because he was so sweet. We named him Willis because the dealership was called Willis Chevrolet. Willis fell in love with my goose and they were inseparable. Just a few months ago, my goose went missing, I thought for sure she was gone because she never leaves for more than a night. Willis and I sat together in the yard crying until late at night. He just sat next to me very close to my leg. I would talk to him and when I would cry, he would inch closer to me as if he felt my sadness. The next day, Gretchen showed up and all was good! Turns out she was broody on a nest. Willis would meet me at the barn every evening and with his raspy little quack, would beg for some horse feed. I truly loved this little duck.
Today on our way in, our neighbor stopped us letting us know that he had found a little brown duck, dead in his yard. He put him in a bucket and set him in the driveway where we would see it. Sure enough, in there was poor Willis. He was be-headed! We will be burring him later in the poultry graveyard behind the barn.

He will be missed- RIP Willis!
Below is a picture of Gretchen and Willis!

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This is the poem in the picture

They haven't really been taken away.
They have only gone with the Angels to play.
They have been given wings with which to fly.
All their troubles have passed them by.

Their life in heaven now must start.
But we'll hold their memory in our hearts.
Nothing about them will be forgotten.
But now they sleep on billowy clouds of cotton.

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