Lost one rooster and one hen...help!


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Mar 5, 2010
North Branch, MN
I had a rooster that was whistling a bit when he was breathing and thought maybe he just had a cold. Now found a hen that was gasping for air in the coop and took her out and started her on medicated water, but she died last night. To my surprise, living in a rural community doesn't mean the vets in the area are going to know what to do with your chickens. I am starting the rest of the flock on Tetracycline in their water today to try and stop any others from coming down with this. Does anyone have any thoughts or help??
Gee it could be several things.
Do you smell ammonia in the coop? Any discharge from beak or eyes? Was it sudden onset or were they sick for a bit before they died?
As far as vet help goes, don't feel bad, we are all in the same boat.
Good luck to you-hope the Terramyacin helps.
The rooster was whistling for awhile, but the hen was very sudden. Hadn't seen anything odd with her until yesterday and she passed last night. No odd smells...anything like that. The hen and rooster were housed separately also. I'm worried about the rest of my hens that were in with the hen that was sick. Don' t want to lose any more.

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