Low production hen... how to increase her laying?


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
We currently have two hens. One lays an egg a day like clockwork. The other one lays one every 2-3 days. We feed them a 3 way scratch and a layer crumble. They also get greens and fruits/veggies. When I use the eggs I rinse the shells and crumble them up and strew them in the pen as well (was told that helps produce better shells?). She seems healthy and eats well and is very active. But we cannot get her on any sort of reliable laying schedule. She will lay an egg a day for a week, then nothing for a week, then one every 2 -3 days. Its frustrating! Any suggestions on how to make her more productive or regular?
If we can only give her a tune up or something... like machine.

It could be its age, breed... My best layers, leghorns, laid 6 per week in their prime. Now at 4 years of age, she is laying 4 days before taking a break. This is better than many others i have.
She is a bit older than the other hen, but we were told she is only 2 years old. *shrugs* Just wondered if there is something she needed that is missing from her diet that I could give her. :)

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