Low vision rooster


Mar 10, 2019
My young rooster seems to be low vision. We take worms and dinner scraps out every day, and our hens dive right in. My older hens peck at my 5-month-old rooster. Even when we put our hands out with a bunch if fishing worms, he doesn’t see them. His eyes look healthy, his pupils move around and stuff. But he just doesn’t seem to see like the hens do.
Can you take some photos of his eyes?

A video of his actions during treat time may be helpful. Upload video to youtube and provide a link.

He's a 5 month on Cockerel. You have "older" hens(?) I'm assuming adults? They would get normally get first dibs on treats - them pecking him away - he's not established within the flock - he's at the bottom of the pecking order - So...No Treats For You!

Take him aside, away from the hens. See if he notices offered treats and reacts to your hands.
If he can - then leave him with the hens, they are teaching him manners - it's usually best not to interfere with the pecking order - as he matures, he will establish himself. Even a mature/adult Rooster (1yr old or older) is going to show and let the ladies have treats first.

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