Lump on baby chicken


In the Brooder
Jun 4, 2020
It looks like it maybe a possibility of a ruptured air sack . Can happen from being stepped on by others. Put in a brooder alone with a stuffed animal it should heal

Wyorp Rock

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Sep 20, 2015
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I am located in the united states, we go to a local feed and supply store that has recommended chick starter feed that they eat until 8 months or till they lay their first egg.The first photo is the feed they use.
It has been like that since last night.
How are you brooding these chicks?
If they have light 24/7 then the crops may look full when you are checking on them since chicks will eat around the clock.
Looks healthy to me.
Check the crop when they eat, then wait until they take a nap and poop, etc. Check the crop when they wake - you should be able to feel that the crop has emptied some.

OR you can let them eat/drink, Check the crop then. Take out food/water for say 4 hours, then re-check.

Sometimes it's hard to check crop function in chicks since they are constantly eating. A lot is done by checking often and by behavior!

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