Lump on my gosling's tail/ possible cold.


9 Years
Oct 1, 2010
I think he's about a week old and probably a sebastopol.
He is alert, friendly and eating and drinking.
Not sure exactly when the lump started, I noticed it yesterday but it might have been there the whole time. It doesn't seem to hurt him if I touch it.
Hasn't been hurt, but his breathing sounds mucous-ey.
Poop looks fine, as far as I can tell, but I think he had two runny ones earlier.
The original owner gave me antibiotics because he thought he had a cold, but I don't think it's helped.
He is living in a cardboard box with plenty of food and water with towels on the bottom and a heat lamp.

Any help/ ideas greatly appreciated.
don't know about the lump does it look like it has fluid in it? sounds like he does have a cold what is the antibiotic? I believe I'd take out the towels they can get so messy so quick and get him some pine shavings not cedar. or straw but straw would be my last choice. Hope he gets well for you . also forgot to Welcome you to BYC!! thats true about the water they need to be abl e to dunk their whole head, they can also get problems with their eyes too if they can't clean them out with water.
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This "lump" - is it about an inch to two inches up from the tip if his tail? Is it pimple like? If so, I am thinking you are looking at the preen gland - supplies oil so the bird can waterproof the feathers.

Make sure that your babies water is deep enough that he/she can get their entire beak into the water - they need to be able to clear their nostrils. If the cannot dunk their heads - they often get food and such stuck and sound stuffy.
Thanks for the advice and welcome.
I think his breathing is stopping him sleeping, he's resting his head on the water bowl and i think his breathing's gotten worse...

It's midnight so i can't go anywhere and buy stuff but i made his water deeper, i'm hoping he'll not die tonight. One of his poos just now was slightly green and smelled more than the others.
I'm really worried...
I've never had a goose before, so I have no idea what's normal...
I thought the lump was probably tail feathers growing or something, it isn't pussy or infected so I think it is that gland.
I'm more worried about the cold now. Could the towels make him sick?
I'm not sure what the antibiotic is.
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I wonder if you could put a little vicks vapo rub on around his nostrils? the towels won't make him sick, but the mess is alot of work and the towels getting wet from the poop could chill him do you have him under a heat lamp? what is the antibiotic in? did they not give you any directions for it?
I read not to put vicks on somewhere, that it's bad for them?
Obviously not... Has vicks worked for you before??

I got him a bigger box and have some shredded newspaper to put in if that's better?
He has a heat lamp, but he hasn't seemed to be cold or shivering, or too hot.
I found the antibiotics container, it says: Oxymav 100 powder 25 grams per 600 mL of water.
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I will post a picture of the lump tomorrow, I need to go to sleep...
Too much worrying XP

Thanks for all your help tonight.
We had a discussion just recently on here about Vet RX and some said it was like using vicks vapo rub, I've never had to use it, the only time I used an antibiotic on my goose is when he and my drake duck got into it and his wing feathers were pretty beat up.thats been so long ago I don't even remember what it was, called my vet and asked about it because you have to be careful what you give ducks and geese. I'll look up oxymav and see what it says..................where are you?
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I'll look around and see if anyone's actually used it...

I'm in Australia.
Oxymav is a soluble broad spectrum antibiotic powder, you put into the water they drink this post was from Australia, so it's diff. than USA but it's 5 grams per 50ml. of water. Hope he feels better, my goose is my baby! welcome to being a momma goose,

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