Maggie in Indiana searching for new family

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    May 11, 2008
    My son adopted this darling puppy in December from a local shelter. She is some sort of terrier mix---they thought hound/terrier. Maybe the wirey coated Jack Russell? Anyway, he has decided that when he graduates from college he doesn't think he will be able to take her with him and so we are looking for a new home for her while she is still young.

    Her name is Maggie. She is white with brown spotted ears, wirey coat and a great little beard and bushy eyebrows. She is about 30 pounds and I think probably 7 to 8 months old. She has had all shots including Rabies, has been spayed, microchipped, and is on heartworm preventative. She also is on Advantage flea prevention. When we got her she was quite fearful of new situations, strange noises and new people. I am not sure if she had been abused as she was found running the streets---she was not an owner surrender. I have spent a good deal of time training her--she knows sit, down, stay, come, heel---and several other words. She sits nicely when time to go outside until I say "okay". I can open the door all the way and she will not leave the house until given the command. She rides in the car nicely, walks on a leash and has been taken out to Rural King and just out walking for socialization. She is housebroken and crate trained. She gets along well with dogs her size or smaller. I don't know about cats. She likes to watch the chickens through the fence, but has never tried to get to them.

    Her only negative is that, as I said, she is fearful in new situations---less than before, but still has issues and would need a calm and loving owner and probably no small children. I am asking an adoption fee of $125 which was the fee we paid the shelter. Please consider her if you are looking for a new family member [​IMG]


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