Make your own dozen + 4 for extras.- NPIP Price includes shipping

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    I'll list how many eggs I have available from each breed and you can pick Your 16 eggs from what is listed. .can not ship to Hawii, Virgiinia or over seas.
    Eggs are $35 total

    Once someone post sold and pays, and lets me know what eggs they want I"ll close the listing and reopen with what is available.

    Due to Handling of PO, weather, your incubation methods, ect, I can not guarantee you hatch rate. I do check for fertility every week.


    1 Dark Cornish

    3 White silkies

    she was excited to have her picture taken !!

    0 showgirl and frizzle eggs. you can hatch out silkies, sizzles , showgirls, or showgirl frizzles

    2 BBS Silkies


    1 Paint silkies


    0 BBS Ameraucanas(there is 2 chocolate hens and 1 frizzle hen in pen all lay blue eggs )


    0 Lavender Bantam Ameraucana


    2 Light Brown Leghorn


    2 nankin


    7 welsummer



    2 Cochin black and blue

    1 Buckeye



    7 guinea
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    Sent you a PM. [​IMG]

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