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    Mar 24, 2015
    Slowly Losing it......
    Yes he is all mixed up and probably shaken as well.
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    After visiting Sally's house, aka thread, I have learned that I need to sit the quail eggs fat side up on the counter for twenty four hours before I set them. So tomorrow at 4 is when I am going to stick them in the bator. I hope to keep a detailed account on the going ons... Loko said that quail have a lower hatch success than chicken.. That kind of bums me out, but this is hatch 2. I need to learn one way or another. The farmer will give me more eggs to hatch if this one is successful. The bummer is, I didn't take the time to take the precautions I should have for transportation. I figured a farmer would know.... So here is to hope. Here is to learning. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.
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    Even if they got a bit shaken on the way home, it shouldn't be as bad as shipped eggs. (I'm sure you didn't drop them.)

    The 24 hour rest will be good, then set them as normal. Good luck on the hatch!
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    Thank you. I am excited.. but I also learned, quail is something I don't want to keep, I got to take a tour of her homestead and see all she does. It was really cool but the quail were set in little cages... really messy, tiny birds. One had bumble foot, a bad case.. I tried told my BIL who was giving me the tour how to fix it and hopefully she will get the message.. She has anxiety and doesn't like to meet new people. I get that... but it was cool to see all the free range birds, to look at the goats and her garden set ups. She also has a road side stand that she sells eggs and stuff in all done by the honor system and it looked like it worked very well. It was a neat experience overall.
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    Mar 3, 2011
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    When I lived in So Cal, lots of people in town had roadside stands for oranges on the honor system. Nothing better than fresh oranges in season.
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    You are right!!! In iowa it was sweet corn and mellons. SO good, I kind of want to do that to with fresh eggs....... I don't know. I have to think about it cause I am already at max peak with my egg sales.. unless, I bye more.. which is always in the workings.
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    Mar 31, 2014
    That's awesome you got the eggs. Please keep us posted on their progress as well.
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    It'll be fine!

    Trufax [​IMG]

    Yes I try to give mines a little more space than even the breeder I got mines from. And everyone else I see with em. Besides aviary system.
    If I had one with bumble I would problly cull, they are so small and delicate. and Tasty!

    Trufax! [​IMG]
    I grew up round pastures and orange groves
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    It has been a day. An adventure being lost going around in circles in an area that I live. The family is all home. The eggs are resting for the night. The chickens have jumped the coop. LOL and are roosting on my laundry room window sill... bad LInda. bad... but overall, what started as a not so good day, ended well with all my BYC crew and my sister and BIL adventure. Love you guys. Hope for the best tomorrow.. because all things are taken moment for moment. God Bless.
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    I grew up around rubber trees and mangos!!!! Hahahaha

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