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    This weeks adventure: researching green house ( how to make) and planting seeds... Never was blessed with a green thumb. But knowledge is always good!!!!! Would really like to start growing the tortoises food on my own. They love kale the best!!! And would like to learn how to grow squash and zucchini and potatoes. I know we are in the wrong season but time flies when you are having fun.
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    Nov 7, 2012
    You can very easily make a green house out of cattle panels. Make a 2 x 4 frame, staple the panels to the frame, put a 2 x 4 at the peak for a ridge pole, frame in the ends (I used combination storm windows on either end for doors) and cover it with construction grade poly, or green house tarp/poly. Then the easier method is to make a cold frame right in your garden out of hay bales. Put a wire top over it to support the covering. (I use 2 x 4's with cattle panel over them, and shower door panels that were picked up at the Habitat for humanity store. Cover the whole thing with construction poly, and you'll extend the growing season by several months either side of winter.
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    Thank you!!! That gives me a good starting point for reference when I design it!!!!!
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    Mr. And mrs. Lol
  5. lindalouly

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    Alice just laid her first egg!!!!! The only girl we have that lays white eggs!!!!!!!!!!!! That is why she's been so bossy!!!!!!!!
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    Congratulations! First eggs are the best!
  7. lindalouly

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    Just got woken up by 8 of the nine birds singing their song!!! Man they were loud!!! Even Jerry Seinfeld was joining in the chorus!!!! I instantly run to the window to watch and laugh.... My husband rolls over and puts a pillow over his head. Lol this was our first experience hearing this choir cackle together!!!! All because Lucy was wandering around the nest boxes again. Poor girl. Think it's time to make a couple more!!!
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    It sure is a sound to behold. Gonna be getting a lot of eggs soon. My rooster sings along with every girl throughout the day. As for boxes I have 4 in the main coop and mostly they all wait in line to use the same one until someone gets impatient and finds a random spot around the property. It gets funny watching 3 of em in various spaces inside the run waiting for their turn. Essentially muttering under their breathe for the next one to hurry up.
  9. lindalouly

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    The coop is clean and ready to go!!!!!
  10. lindalouly

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    Just finished cleaning up the yard from our wind storm. Holy crap, branches and debri everywhere!!! Got a good work out and then finished the outside off with shoveling poo. Nice huh??? Still need to hose off the patio. Now that the wind season is starting early this year I think I might hold off on the construction of the green house.... Such is life.

    Good news for the day, broke my record for eggs in the nest box!!! I got 2 eggs!!!!!! Way to go Ethel and Alice!!!!!!!! Still waiting for everyone else to get on board. They are 25 weeks old. The teens are18 weeks.

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