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  1. lindalouly

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    Third night of incubation done. Had a small a small spike but I caught it cause I didn't had more water to it before I went to bed.. It wasn't to bad. Won't really know how they are doing unless they hatch.

    The rain has stopped. The sun is shining. Hoping fora better day than yesterday. The weatherman even said we might get some snow this week.

    Hope everyone is having a blessed day. I should diary exactly what we did for an incubater and how I track it and turn eggs. Maybe later. Lots of love.
  2. Outpost JWB

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    Mar 31, 2014
    We got some rain 2day, but nothing like you got thankfully. Are you going To candle at 7 days? I always do. But some people don't at all.
  3. FridayYet

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    I'm getting ready for vacation, so haven't been on the computer today.

    Hope things are good at your house!
  4. lindalouly

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    Yes! I can't wait to candle and see. I'm not sure if I am going to trust my inexperience to throw eggs out yet but I am excited to candle!!!
  5. lindalouly

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    Things here are good. Have fun on vaca... Take pictures to share. Safe travels to you and yours.
  6. aart

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    I would not throw any eggs out until day'll learn a lot by observing the first few batches.

    My first hatch I candled on day 7-10-14-18.

    First Hatch:
    Day 7 - didn't see much but the air cells, which I outlined with a pencil every time I candled, maybe some veining and lumps..maybe moving...I was very disappointed.
    Day 10 - could definitely see veins and some movement...maybe some clears and blood rings.
    Day 14 - saw much more definition of shape, movement and realized what I had seen the previous times. Clears and blood ring more obvious.
    Day 18 - pulled the now very obvious clears and blood rings. Viable chicks almost filled egg and wasn't as much movement.

    Knew much better what to look for the next time I incubated. It just takes some practice and experience.
    Candle well after sunset in a dark room, I used a cardboard template with a hole cut to fit into a utility light shade with a 60watt bulb. Also used a very bright flashlight and just my hand in a windowless room after I got better at it.
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    This view is really spectacular. Kinda jealous but we'll get our snow soon enough :) Definitely not jealous of the flooding tho Linda. Ouch. It always seems we never know what we need until that kind of weather hits. Keep it up with the incubator, sounds like it's going great. Attimus
  8. FridayYet

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    Mar 3, 2011
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    Hi everyone!

    I agree with everything aart said so nicely above. You can learn so much from candling and tracking the air cells. Hoping for a great hatch!

    That picture was really beautiful, that's why I stole it! :gig most of that snow has melted way back up the mountain already and will be mostly gone until the next storm blows through. It's never on the ground for long here, so you have to snap pictures while you can!

    So much flooding in many parts of the country this year. Hoping for dry weather for those folks, and rain for California!
  9. lindalouly

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    Thank you Aart. The best kind of advice is that from an experienced person so I shall follow your lead.

    Attimus... Where you been?!?!? Are your digits getting any better? Is your pond done? Miss hearing about your adventures.

    Friday? Aren't you suppose to be on vacation? Lol just kidding.
  10. lindalouly

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    Hi outpost!!!!

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