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    We got a really good hard frost out here this morning. The birds are not impressed... But it should melt off soon. They are looking at me as if I caused this horribly cold and crunchy white stuff on the ground. I think I shall treat them to some of delirios and lui's kale today. Hubby tried to give them left over steamed vegetables but they snubbed him. I have to do a water change for my African cichlids today. They are getting huge. Beautiful fish though and fascinating to watch as well. They are part of the tilapia family... So good practice if I were to move out onto some land and start some hydroponics. Hope all is well with everyone.
  2. lindalouly

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    Where are you headed Friday??? Have fun on vacation!!!
  3. lindalouly

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    Ok. Who wants to help me process that darn rooster. Dang thing pecked me today. He got a boot to the butt!!!
  4. attimus

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    Ha-ha you better show him who's boss before you do have to eat him. He'll figure it out then. Lol.
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    Nov 10, 2010
    My roo's have learned to leave me alone. Last one to peck me got carried around upside down for a little bit - took his attitude down a notch or two! They now keep an eye on me and stay a yard away.
  6. lindalouly

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    I chased him around the yard. He has been keeping his distance so far.
  7. lindalouly

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    Good morning all. Been a busy weekend with football and my son turning 16 years old. The eggs are still cooking. We are on day ten. Might candle again tonight. Not expecting a lot but that's okay. It's too cold to work outside. I'm wishing for spring to come so I can get back to some projects. Really want to make a hoop coop and start trying to at least grow food for the tortoises. I did find a grow light.... Debating if I should hang it somewhere and start some pots on my counter.... Not sure how happy the hubs would be with that. Hope everyone is having a good day. Wish I had some good stuff to talk about.
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    Well just finished candling the eggs for day 10. some of the eggs are so opaque that it is hard to distinguish what is going on inside... This tells me, the next time round I need to find a better candleing system.
    Egg one Hard to tell. Had a large blacken mass.. hard to see veining or anything else
    Egg two. Had definate movement... like a beating heart.
    Egg three. seems like a clear.
    Egg Four. Very dark mass. another hard to read egg.
    Egg Five. Unsure cause again hard to see, but there was small movement.
    Egg 6 Definite movement.
    Egg 7 another hard to tell. with dark mass
    Egg 8 Seams like a clear
    Egg 9 Definite movement
    Egg 10. Hard to tell dark mass
    Egg11 Clear
    Egg12 Clear
    Egg 13 Large mass, but looks dead. The mass would turn with relations to my turning the egg.

    All eggs still in the bater... will wait for day 14 to candle again.
  9. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    My Coop
    Just keep watching, pull only the clears on day 18.
    The embryos don't always move, if the mass continues to grow, or it's too dark to really tell leave them thru the end.
    If you're brave and/or very determined to learn you can do eggtopsies on the ones that don't hatch.
  10. lindalouly

    lindalouly Grd Ctrl 2 Major Tom

    Thank you for your response Aart. Having you encourage me keeps my mind on the prize and that is knowledge and know how. I will probably do an eggtopsie at the end of this all... just to see if I can guess at what part of development they stopped and try to research why. My hope is to learn to do this with some success and help my niece with her 4H projects and keep my sisters farm stocked up until I can have a piece of property suited for a bigger flock. Right now, I just love watching my birds and eating their eggs.

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