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  1. lindalouly

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    So I am submitting a creation to the Hatchalong gingerbread contest.. this is what I have so far.[​IMG]
  2. attimus

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    How are the chicks doing? And how are you for that matter its been a while.
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  3. lindalouly

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    Hope everyone had a good holiday. Chicks are getting big but I'm so ready to let them go to my sister... Soon enough I suppose. A few girls have stopped laying... It's cold and I'm ready for summer... I need sunshine.....
  4. Chickletz

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    Jan 1, 2016
    that's so cute and crafty
  5. lindalouly

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    Thank you
  6. Dannachic

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    Jun 3, 2015
    love it..i like the colors
  7. lindalouly

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    Haven't been on my thread a long time. It's winter so not much more than maintenance has been done. Dealt with a lot of late night worrying about the coyotes that have been around but living in suburbia you just listen and pray.

    Winter has been a tough season for me... No sunshine.. No time outside. It takes everything in me to just wake up and be ok in my own skin. I know I'm not alone in this... But the self hate really digs it's self deep at times. I stay home. I focus on the kids and fear all back lash out of communication cause I fear the outlast of all hated things that are me that I don't see. I'm counting down the days... Hours... Minutes to have a reason. I beg for the time I'm not trying to force a change to me.... I need sunshine.
  8. FridayYet

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    Mar 3, 2011
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    :hugs. Remember, the days are getting a little longer with each passing day.

    Hang in there sweetie!
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  9. Outpost JWB

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    Mar 31, 2014

    Life is crazy! Just remember that no matter where you are in life, it could be so much worse. I so wish I could stay home. Everyday I have off (Sunday & holidays) I feel so blessed. I work at a bank. Monday-Saturday. Every week. I leave when it's dark out and get home when it's dark, Having had skin cancer, sun is not my friend anyway:D. I get home, throw dinner on, fill up water jugs, talk to DH and DD about their days, eat, then feed & water chickens & rabbits. Takes about an hour because we have so many. When I get back in, it's bedtime. DH had quadruple bypass, still has heart trouble & asthma. So he cannot be out in the cold. I am lucky I can just bundle up!

    Hope today is a better day! About self hate......not sure why I spent anytime ever not happy with myself. I now really don't care what anyone thinks of me. Like it or leave it. I am happy with myself and if others aren't, the problem is not within me! You are just too hard on yourself. Hope you have a good day today. Gotta leave for work.
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  10. lindalouly

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    Thank you for the words of encouragement. I am feeling much better. Alice, the minorca is finally coming out of her molt and she looks beautiful once again. Still no eggs from her but she was investigating the nests again so it shouldnt be too much longer.

    Had to say good bye to the chicks. They are now out on the farm at my sisters house.... The small one is a roo.. the rest still look girlish but we all know they still have plenty of time to change. The nieces are taking good care of them and send me photos often.

    Tried to put up a temperary fence to split the yard until I can make a proper run for the birds... It was working until we started getting visits from the coyotes and Oly girl (the pitbull) bull dozed it down protecting her land. So I need to hurry up with a good run and forget the temperary stuff.

    I have two birds now in a molt... the Giants dont look like they are gonna molt this year... The Austrolorps look pretty good with the exception of being over mated... so I am just waiting for my New Hamphires to stop looking like a diseased couple.

    Hope everyone is having a very good day today. We got some sun today and I got to play with the birds. Until next time.

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