Male duck attacking juvenile female - help

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FuzzandFurFarm, Aug 19, 2011.

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    Aug 12, 2011
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    Hi All
    We have a pair of Rouen ducks about a year and a half old. Our female, Morgan, sat on a nest and hatched out two ducklings about 3 months ago (unfortunatley one disappeared one night when the were only a couple weeks old). Recently our male duck, Mister, has been chasing, pecking at and mounting the 3-month old female. She has started hiding in the duck house while the other two wander around the farm during the day like they did before the nesting & hatching. What do we do?

    We thought about moving one or more of them into our alpaca pen, but who do we move? The alpacas wont bother them and the duck(s) will help with bug control.

    1) Move Baby (the 3 month old female) and give her her own nesting area in the alpaca pasture
    2) Move Mister (adult male) and leave the 2 girls to bond and lay eggs or will this not happen
    3) Move Morgan & Mister (adult pair)
    4) Move Morgan & Baby and leave Mister out free-range

    What do you all think would be our best option?


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    I would move him. He's probably the reason your other one went missing. rule of thumb, if u have babies ALWAYS remove the male. He will either kill or hurt them badly. I lost 6 to their own father. Some male ducks are okay with babies but most aren't. Or get another duck for your baby and move those two in the alpaca pen. Ducks get lonely very easy their a flock animal. Hopes that helps. [​IMG]

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