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    Jun 6, 2012
    My 5 month old male indian runner started chasing my 6 month old female mallard around their pen about a week ago. I assume he is trying to mate with her since he tries to grab her by the neck. She doesn't like it at all and runs away from him and she flies up on top of the duck house to avoid him. Whenever my indian runner sees me he instantly stops chasing her. I have to stand in the enclosure just so my mallard can get food, water and a quick swim. Whenever I leave he goes after her again. I'm surprised that he hasn't been doing this with my 5 month old female khaki campbell who I raised with him since he never lets her out of his sight.

    Anyways, is he just trying to mate and she doesn't like it at all? I feel bad for her since she sits on the roof of the house all day. Shes also considerably smaller since shes a female mallard and hes a male indian runner, I don't want her to get hurt.

    Is this normal and will he stop chasing her sometime?
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    Hi and welcome to BYC, what your seeing is typical drake behaviour especially when they first become sexually mature. You might want to give your female Mallard some time off with out this fellow constantly after her. She'll eventually have to submit to him but it wouldn't hurt to give him some time out separate from the girls. I know you said he doesn't go after your khaki are you absolutely sure your khaki is a duck not a drake, If you can put him into his own run for a while it might help. I have my doubts though once they get that testosterone flowing it's just not easy to get them to behave. If your mallard is spending her time on top the roof she is easy prey for hawks and other BOP too. I have Muscovy and the drakes get very large the ducks not so much and they do fine with mating so i don't think the size will be a problem. Drakes can be pretty rough with females though so when she finally does submit to his advances keep a watch that he doesn't go over board and start pulling feathers out, which is also typical.
    My young drake is 7 months old and i have noticed he has stopped chasing the girls so hopefully with the days growing shorter you'll notice your boy calming down some too. At least till nest spring [​IMG]
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    On, Canada
    Yep, as ML said totally normal a royal pain in the you know where however... I am heavily draked here and even my almost 5mth have kicked off bugging some of the girls...

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