Mama Heating Pad in the Brooder (Picture Heavy) - UPDATE

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    I use Blu-Kote for injuries. It is like a spray on bandaid. Blue, of course.
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    I use Blu-Kote as well.... but I prefer the dauber... especially around the head and vent...

    i had a rash of feather pickers.... one of my poor roos never did grow his tail feathers back....[​IMG]

    I keep the bottle fastened to the coop chainlink so its always there... incase I spot an injury.

    Blue Kote is good for small injuries and boo boos... i wouldnt use it on an extensive injury... it dries the wound out too much. I will dress a wound with salve and Blu Kote it afterwards though... just that blue color helps keep the other chickens from messing with it.

  3. perchie.girl

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    OH while we are talking about wounds.....

    If you find an injured hen with a wound that has maggots in it... This is not a bad thing. Maggots will only eat dead flesh.... So clean out the maggots and dress the wound.... how ever its needed.

    I keep a first aid kit on hand one that has the basic stuff good for all my animals. then there are the breed specific things.... like a chicken kit... or a dog kit or ... well you get the idea.

    And its good to know what things you cannot give your animals.... stuff like... You can give horses and dogs Aspirin.... but aspirin will kill a cat.

    My basic Kit has:

    Vet Wrap
    Ophthalmic ointment Very similar to Polysporin
    Blue Kote
    Gauze (the woven kind)
    Disposable Baby diapers
    Mineral oil
    Sugar (blood stopper works on EVERYThing including people)
    Sharp scissors
    Sharp Knife
    Bucket for clean water
    Lysol Generic (antiseptic wash and works as a liniment)
    disposable Syringes (many many many uses)
    Head lamp
    Restraint tools.... Cage, halter, collar, Rope, towel... These to be on hand for emergency use so you don't have to go looking.

    There are specific things to keep for your specific area that I dont know...

    deb "I am sure I am forgetting something"

    YEP forgot about Six rolls of Duct tape.... Use it on tat piece of wire that keeps snagging your critters... till you can take care of it... Works as a final bandage on critters that may want to gnaw a bandage off... Or walk it off like with horses. Cant have enough Duct tape
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    Good stuff, thanks! I've also got a chicken first aid kit.
    I'll have to add some of your stuff to it, but I have it all in a big tote.

    think I'll start a new thread and see what other people have in their first aid kit

    Started a new thread here

    moved my list to the new thread...
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    Ummm! On topic???
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    first aid is almost always on topic....
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    You know I have GREAT respect for you Deb, but I kinda gotta go with Jacqdiva on this one. There is an entire BYC section on chicken health (not that *I* ever get off topic [​IMG] ). Maybe a post there with the details of chicken first aid kits and a link here since the original switch to chicken health was related to MHP.
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    Yeah, that is why I said I'd start a new thread... so it didn't take over this one?
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    I apologize to the whole thread....
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    Don't be silly Deb, they all veer off every now and then! No harm no fowl.... :)

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