Mama Heating Pad in the Brooder (Picture Heavy) - UPDATE

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Blooie, Mar 4, 2015.

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    Welcome back, Blooie, you slacker, you!
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    I know, I know.....between being gone so much and being so pre-occupied with all the great changes in Kendra I have been sort of relying on my fellow Broody Brigade members to pick up the slack. Then there was the adventure of taking 6 live chickens on a 700 mile drive. Oofda! Heck, it feels so good to slack I might just let you guys field for a while! Nah, I still get too big a kick out of seeing folks trying this and liking it.

    Kendra has spent the last week walking though the house holding on to only one of our hands instead of two. Amazing how much more comfortable that little change has been on my back!
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    Oct 17, 2015
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    Really appreciate the heating pad idea. I am using it for my newly hatched chicks here in Michigan. A local breeder sold me two wooden shipping crates to use for brooders. Using an upside down wire hanging basket to put the heating pad over. The wire loops are large enough for the chicks to go thru. Have porcelain fixtures in the lids 75 watts to keep their water from freezing at night. My husband donated his old heating pad. I have a few lonely chickens that need mates & I'd love to have fresh eggs this Spring.
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    Check the heating pad for a automatic shut off feature....most of the older heating pads have a feature that will shut it off after 2 hours. The HPs being used for brooding have an override feature that allows them to stay on continuously.
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    Post deleted
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  6. A V Davidson

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    Nice piece of education there! Now I'm a little bit smarter.

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    At least you have a nice heating pad to put on your back [​IMG]

    You don't have your location in your signature or profile. This is a REALLY weird time of year for feed store chicks. Maybe you live somewhere that doesn't have winter or has winter during a different time of year than December?

    Not sure about the feed, I've not investigated "make your own".

    Your other chicks look like they might be Barred Rock, Australorp and Buff Orpington?
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  8. A V Davidson

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    Nov 2, 2015
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    Hello, Bruce

    You're right on...the three larger chicks are Buff Orpington, Black Australorp, and Barred Plymouth Rock. As they grew bigger (and that was fast) I toyed with the idea of one more chick hoping for a RIR, Maran or Hampshire Red. The only clerk on duty at the feed store (Pet Club) knew nothing about the chicks he had in stock, especially their breed, so I just reached down and picked one that didn't look like the three I already have...then I got to wondering about temperament, laying productivity, and even if it was a hen or rooster. I checked out the wing feather lengths and have decided it is a hen but still no clue as to the breed. Then I got a reply from "Beekissed" who suggested that the new little one might be a Red Sex Link, and now I'm hoping for that because of the information I obtained from "Blooie." Her red sex links are beauties.

    Location: Not far from the southern border in Arizona. This weather isn't even close to what you are experiencing already in Vermont. Highs are around 65 to 78 degrees, and the nightime lows range between 42 and 47 degrees. No snow! In this area the feed stores do not get any shipments of chicks before the last week of October...way too hot any earlier than that. The shipments come at that time from breeders in New Mexico and Texas. Wierd it may seem, but I still go outdoors in shorts and a T-shirt instead of a Ruskie fur cap and an Eskimo parka along with waterproofed boots.

    No photo -- they look the same today as they did the other day when I posted several pictures.

  9. perchie.girl

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    Tshirt and shorts here most of the year... about the same temps as you.

    Feed store here has chicks starting in February and ending the end of october. but I think that is because of the source.

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    I live in East Texas. There is a feed store about 20 miles North of me that carries chicks year round. They have a heated chick room set up just for them. Our winters are bad, but we do get down into the teens several times over the winter. I don't think I would want to have chicks over the winter. I would always worry about power outages.

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