man barged into house

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    Oct 13, 2009
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    Hi all.....I am shaking - I was heading out to do my chores tonight - my husband drives truck at night so I am here by myself - and a young guy came onto my backporch where my coat and boots are at and handed me a container of Lysol wipes. Ok, this was after dark, in the country and I am here by myself. He said "this is a gift to you" and I was a bit slow and dumbfounded and all I could say was huh?! I had taken a pain pill because my foot that I had surgery on 7 weeks ago was killing me so the pain pill took my edge off. He said "I just want to show you something that you need". Dumb me said "huh?" He said "I want to take ten minutes of your time - I saw the box he had, it was a Kirby sweeper. I said, "I am not interested - I don't like Kirby sweepers, I don't want a Kirby sweeper". He said "Well I might as well come in and show it to you - my boss just left in the car to make another call and I am out here by myself anyhow". I didn't know how to stop him, but I real quick texted my daughter who lives ten minutes away and said - help, salesman in house - won't leave. She sent her husband out here and he as he was on his way this guy kept sweeping my floor and then the guy said let me sweep your bed and show you how many dust mites are in your bed. Well, by the time my dear S-I-L got here I was very flustered. He told the guy I wasn't interested and the guy said "well I will have to use your phone to have my boss come back and get me." Like a dumby I let him use my phone. His boss came and then HE came barging into the house and was trying to shame me into listening to his spiel. My elderly in-laws live in a mobile home on my property and their other son was there tonight so after my S-I-L got these guys to leave I locked the house and the garage and went over there to tell them what had happened. My B-I-L tried to call the number on the business card and didn't get anything that said anything about a Kirby salesman. He then called the number that is on my cell phone from the guy calling his boss and told the guy to never step foot on this property again or the cops would arrest him. I have never heard of a deal like this - are they casing the place? We have had some robberies in the area in recent weeks and I am so on edge right now I don' know what to do. I have all the outside lights on and the doors all locked......
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    We have enough weapons that no one will come in the house without our permission. I won't be fast talked, or pushed around.
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    Whatever is behind this behavior, it is inappropriate. I would recommend calling your local police and reporting them.
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    Jun 12, 2011
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    Quote:X a million!!!!
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    Call the POLICE!
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    Quote:x2 [​IMG]
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    I agree, call the police and file a report.

    Did anyone get the license plate of the car?
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    Quote:X 1,000,000

    Call the cops. Even if nothing happened to YOU tonight (thank goodness), you may be preventing it happening to someone else. If these men were doing this in other homes as well as yours, it would help if everyone would report it to the police. If everyone kept quiet, the police may lose out on very important information about a pattern that could lead to something more serious.

    I was nervous for you when I was reading this. And you had just taken a pain pill! I'm really glad you're alright. Wanted to show you bedbugs in your bed? A woman alone in the house? Absurd!!
  9. rodriguezpoultry

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    Jan 4, 2009
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    ASAP!!!! Report them immediately! You could save a life!
  10. TroutsChicks

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    Jun 5, 2011
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    a shotgun says they are not welcome in your home. I would call the police and keep the doors locked at night and have a gun by your side.

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