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    Nov 8, 2010
    This software was developed by my wife and I because we could not find anything online that was affordable or suitable for a small or hobby farm. This software can even be used for pets and it is simple to use.

    Personally, we use the same forms we offer for free to record feed usage and egg production, milk production, and even meat production and then enter (at the end of the month) the totals into the system. After entering we can see year-to-date figures and know exactly how well our chickens are laying, rabbits breeding, and goats are milking.

    A link for the free forms is below.

    Now to the My Animal Manager Software Application

    *Main Animal Inventory -- Including Ages
    *Feed Usage which can be tracked per animal, per group, or spread across all animals
    *Production allows the user to track eggs, milk meat,fur, etc...
    *Medication and Vet Records
    *Breeding & Reports that show ages and non performing animals.
    *Finances including sales income and purchase expenses
    *Contact lists and information to keep track of local producers for feed, hay, etc.
    *Show Information to keep track of awards that your prize winning animals receive (this section was added at the request of a BYC member)

    *Data backed up online daily so your data is safe even if your computer is lost, stolen or breaks down.
    *All information to and from the site is secure using SSL (Https://) the same security backs use for transmitting information.

    * Any operating system with a web browser.

    This application was developed over the last 6 months and provides very informative reports

    We currently have an auction on the BYC forum here.

    Screenshots & Help

    Free Record Keeping Forms

    We will be glad to answer any questions you have about the application that are not already listed here or in the help files.


    Tom & Michelle
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