Mandarin Ducks near Ohio...or willing to ship?


Spruce Creek Waterfowl
10 Years
Apr 20, 2009
Sandusky, Ohio
I posted this in the buy other poultry section, but got no replies, maybe someone didn't catch it there that will here.

I wanted to get a few mandarins and I live in Sandusky, is right on lake erie...cedar point is in sandusky. I was wondering if anyone around had ducklings (prefferably not hactched yet, but about to hatch. I would come pick them up if you are close. I will ,however, take ducklings that may be a few weeks old. If you have some available post what city you live many you have, and the price. I would like the regular colored ones...thanks! If you would be willing to ship them..also contact me!

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