Manure with geese droppings


5 Years
Sep 22, 2014
Hello everyone, i'm new in the site and i signed couse i need some help ^^"
I'm 22 years old and i'm currenly writing my thesis about the breeding of geese on a vineyard and i have some question about it i hope someone will answer to.

First of all, the geese are on the vineyard and eat all bad grasses and fallen grapes.
How do i utilize the droppings they produce? I have to do something specific (i read about composting), or nothing at all?
And if yes, what should i do?

Does anyone here use goose for weeding?
Let me know please :)

(sorry if my english may be bad!!)
Tommy, how long have the geese been running on the vineyard? I have no experience with grapes. My only experience with geese has been avoiding their poo at the lake, and adopting a lone Canada Goose one winter as a child (for a week, where he used my mom's car as his favorite potty spot). Is there any part of your vineyard that they don't have access to? The only suggestion that I could come up with would be to use a section that would be goose free, or if that's not possible, use some one else's vineyard that is farmed conventionally without geese, but has similar soil and lighting to your vines. That would be your control. Then you could do a comparison between vines with geese freely laying their bombs in the vineyard, and an other section treated with composted goose poos. (sorry, just had to throw in a bit of poetry!) I'm guessing that goose poo is pretty high in nitrogen, also guessing that it doesn't burn crops the way chicken poo would. You could probably get a pretty fast turn around making compost out of goose poo mixed with hay or straw, or any other high carbon source. There are plenty of sources of written material about speed composting.

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