Marans Thread - breed discussion & pictures are welcome!


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Apr 19, 2013
No, I signed in as a guest and gave them all my credit card information. Is that the breed club or is there another breed club? Which club should I join?



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Sep 16, 2010
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I just can't go through over 45,000 posts. If it were all just related to the breed and breeding I would but there is so much side chatter--I just don't have that much time.

Are Marans a recognized breed by whatever organization handles poultry shows?

Are they supposed to have clean legs or feathered legs? My chicks are coming from the Wade Jeane line, so I believe they should have feathered legs.

At what age will they start to show whether or not they are a good type?

Where can I find a written standard on them?

Thanks for all your help. Janet
Check out the website for the Marans USA group when you have time. It can be found at This site has the Standards that have been approved by the APA. Only the Black Coppers and Wheatens are fully accepted at this time. All of the other varieties are showing under Proposed Standards. If everything works out, the Whites will be the next variety presented to the APA for acceptance.

Ernie Haire


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Aug 24, 2012
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I'm up to 4, 7, 6 and 5 blue copper chicks respectively from the 4 blue copper hens I've been mating this year to a black copper male. My goal is/was 10 blue chicks from each hen to grow out and see how they turn out. Last year, I didn't get even one blue copper male I felt I could keep for breeding. Maybe this year. I do not think I will make it to 10 chicks from each since ~1/2 come out black and some of the bigger eggs are not hatching. I hope I get a few good ones because this hobby/obsession is really expensive.
Hi Marcy; I have a muttly hen that lays the biggest egg, any body else it would be a double yolker but it's her normal size. But fewer of them hatch than the smaller eggs set at the same time. I think what is happening is that the big eggs are not loosing as much moisture % wise as the smaller eggs. I need to get a new thermostat for a small incubator I have and then I'm going to experiment and set those big eggs with a lot less humidity for the first 10=14 days. Then move them in with the normal size eggs and see if that is a better hatch rate. Right now I"ve been running my big redwood at 20=30% and I'm getting 89% hatch on chicks (no marans yet, just EE mixes) and my last duck hatch was 100%. Most of the chick eggs that are not hatching are these real big ones.


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Apr 8, 2013
archie mo
ok i took some better pictures today hoping for some advice and someone to see a pullet somewhere
i know the copper chest will be a cull if he dont molt out but i think i have a bunch of cockrils so if anybody needs one pm me im in need of some pullets these all came from bev davis all feather footed on outside toe and on site hen and roo layed 6 to 7 on egg chart no sprigs on combs just dont know forsure will wait 4 more weeks to see but any help is greatly needed please and thank you

and if you could tell me how to tell i could stop asking these silly questions i know the redder the comb and the larger the comb and the ones i think are pullets have no copper on them and small pale combs i wish these was like cream legbars so i could tell at hatch lol thank you for putting up with my silly questions


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May 18, 2011
At that age the pullets will not have any comb. You do have a lot of roos. Color is not the indicator on gender.... it can help but it is really all about the comb and wattles. Pullets can have copper too and should so that is not 100%.

Did you get those birds from Bev Davis? or are they supposed to be Bev Davis lines?


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Apr 8, 2013
archie mo
the marans came from the bev davis line i got them from emille57 she has all the documintation on them as well as the cream legbars from green fire farms and the swedish flowers i trust her i hope im not wrong in doing so she is on here as well and all her birds are beautiful thank you for your help so no combs at all on pullets looks like i only have maybe one pullet and 6 or 7 cockrils
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