Margo is in Trouble

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  1. 7F70D7CE-6FA9-4642-8F20-1FEFD2C4FC18.jpeg I let the girls out late this morning to find Margo slightly penguin-stance-like. Gave her an Epson salt bath. Gave her calcium citrate over a scrambled egg. Examined her and did not feel an egg. Isolated her here with fresh bedding so I can see if she poops, as she seems to be straining. Put vitamins and electrolytes in her water. Providing oyster shell. Withholding food for now.
    Her friends know something is up. Bridge seems worried. She’s hanging out right by her friend’s hospital area.
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  2. There was one green poop in her hospital area, which would be a relief, except Ruby snuck in there before I blocked off the bottom, so I don’t know for sure whose it is. Gave her another bath. Once she poops, I’ll let them all out to free range for a bit.

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    Hope she gets better soon!
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    It might sound repetitive but I'd continue soaking her in warm water and massaging her underside as needed to get her to lay an egg. :)
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  5. OK. Unfortunately, before seeing this post, I let her out of jail and they’re all free ranging across mine and my neighbors yard which is a little over an acre or so. She is standing under my neighbor’s tree looking pathetic. Her tail isn’t as low, but she’s drooping her head down. I thought if she was declining rapidly, I’d let her have some fresh air & feel like a regular hen. I will catch her in a little bit and repeat the soak. Thanks for the advice!
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    Oh No! Not sweet Margo:hugs

    Michelle you are doing everything you can for her. Keep it up, try to keep her hydrated, fluids are important, but don't stress her too much. I like the idea of putting her in the hospital pen between soaks, that makes it easy for you to monitor her, but she is not completely isolated and can have her friends visit.

    I hope she gets better soon.
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    I'm with Wyorp Rock. Margo looks bad. You might want to get her inside where it's cooler and get her hydrated ASAP.
  8. Just gave her another quick soak, which she did not tolerate so well this time (wanted out). She’s back in her hospital pen and I brought her flock in from free ranging. She’s preening her wet feathers. As suggested by WR, I don’t want to stress her too much. I’ll try to give her some straight nutridrench after she settles down a bit. The chicken run is actually the coolest part of the yard, except for under my neighbor’s tree. We don’t have A/C, so there’s really no benefit to bringing her in.
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  9. I just realized I should mention I’ve noticed a bit of a bluish tinge on the back of Margo’s comb the past few weeks. Most people who replied thought it seemed normal for a large combed bird.
    Also, she laid an egg either yesterday or the day before. My three hens in their third laying season (three different breeds) are slowing down a little in their egg production, but Margo is still the most productive of the three (which makes sense since she’s a Leghorn).

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  10. Continue to withhold feed? I don’t even know if she’d eat if given the opportunity. She is not drinking. I did manage to get a few drops of nutridrench in her, but she started getting agitated, so I stopped. She has a fan blowing in her area. It actually feels quite pleasant.
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