Mature Welsh Harlequins (10 to 16 mos)

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    Apr 13, 2009
    North Central, FL
    I have 4 Welsh Harlequin ducks for sale. A breeding pair of silver harlequins both show quality and producing. Hen is 16 mos and drake is 10 mos, fully feathered and looking good. Excellent markings and size.

    And 2 top egg producing hens, breeding quality (maybe a pound larger than the show quality and the leg and/or bill did not completely color black). One hen is 16 mos and the other is 10 months. Both are producing an egg a day. The older hen has raised one brood, is an excellent mother and egg producer. She only stopped laying long enough to hatch her batch and raise them. She also produces a huge double yolk egg every third or fourth day... I have some comparison photos of her eggs vs the other ducks....

    Asking $20 each if you take all four. OR....... $50 if your local and I can get back 6 of their young this summer. I have to go on mission work til May 2011 and don't have anyone to take care of them..... OR... $25 and you can lease the 4 until May 2011, get your own brood from them, and I get the original ducks back...... Photos sent to your email...

    Pickup only Interlachen, FL 22 miles east of Gainesville
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    Jan 9, 2011
    HI, I am interested in leasing or owning ducks. Live in Ocala....Thanks.

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