Meade has babies! *Pics* on pg 3


Terd of Hurtles
11 Years
Oct 23, 2008
Northwestern Minnesota
Well Meade is due to hatch her babies on Saturday...and I am dying of curriosity! She hasnt gotten off her nest in FOREVER, so I havent had a chance to check things out and see how many look like they are viable. I know not all 19 for sure but would like 8-10 to be good for her sake! I cant wait, everyone at work has heard about it and they think I'm nuts talking about it like I am having a baby of my own lol. AGH its almost too much to bear waiting!!!!
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Tomorrow tomorrow hooray hooray hooray! Last night she was really agressive, fluffing up and hissing before I even opened the door to her stall. All other days she lets me walk in and fill her feeder (placed by the door so she will get up to eat, see the sunshine and swimming pool and be motivated to get her butt outside for a while) with maybe one something is a'happenin if shes so touchy now. I cant wait!
Let us know how it turns out! Best wishes to you and your soon-to-be- new momma duck!

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