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    Aug 30, 2009
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    A funny happened and I locked myself into a stall! The grow out pen is all hardware cloth, the adult pens have 2x4 welded wire for the top half. Each has the same latch. Stick your hand through and unlatch it from the adult pens, easy.

    In building/design hindsight...


    I called husband several times, remembered him saying something about a nap. Texted lot's. Paused to think of a plan... it could very well be hours unless I start doing damage to escape. Then my brain started kicking around other options, spied the water drinker at my feet, wanted the hanger from it. Too sturdy and rigid.

    Spied the brooder lamp next....




    Time locked inside the stall... about 2 minutes. Had to fill in the chicks on our predicament. I used a feed scoop to prop the door open while I reshaped and reinstalled the lamp hanger thing.

    Good thing we're still seeing freezing overnight temps and I hadn't pulled their lamp yet? The buffs are only 5 weeks old, some home hatched babies in with them are a couple of weeks older.
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    Dec 12, 2013
    Been there, done that!

    DH has locked me in the coop AND in the run. Of course, he claims both times were accidents. Yeah, right!

    After those 2 episodes, we changed the latches on both coop and run so they could be opened from the inside.
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    Many years ago I got locked out of the house and decided I would go around to the dog kennel and crawl through the swinging dog door. Thinking back, can't believe I was slim enough to fit through it - after I had to crawl over gravel in the run. Yuck.

    I can tell you the dogs were very surprised to see me come through the door.
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    May 11, 2010
    Well...I never ever have done that! NOT! I think many of us here have done the same thing. Me included. And I had to break out of the pen by brute force. Got a new coop door, though.
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