Meat bird chicks pecking, multiple injuries

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    Hello! I've been raising chickens for eggs and pets for years. My son and I have just moved up to small scale meat production. 50 at a time max. All roosters. Various large breeds. I know how to stop pecking in small flocks. But in larger. It's a bit frustrating. Any ideas? They are in a large pen. Not cramped. They are to small to free range. 3weeks at the time I posted this feb 27/17
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    The only thing I can come up with is they need more room. Over crowding causes a plethora of problems, pecking being one of them. How big exactly is your pen?
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    Nov 7, 2012
    What are the dimensions of your pen, what are you feeding them? and what is the temperature in their pen?
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    Picking in poultry is caused by these factors.....

    Too hot
    Too crowded
    Short of fresh air
    Lack of protein in diet and coop too brightly lit.....This is a common issue with Meat and laying Birds......

    Best wishes....

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