Meat birds not shipping until THIS Tuesday...


12 Years
Mar 14, 2007
My meat birds didn't ship this past week due to bad weather in PA. I'm glad they didn't ship them out, knowing they probably wouldn't make it, but I was sure scared when they didn't show up because no one called to tell me they weren't coming.

Anyway, my brooder's all ready for my new little dudes, who should arrive by Thursday or Friday.
That happened to me last summer with my layer chicks from McMurray. They didn't arrive when they were supposed to, and I called the hatchery in a panic. They said, "Oh, we delayed your hatch date for a week." It sure would have been nice to have a heads-up, instead of worrying my silly little head off!

Glad your babies are on their way at a better time. Good luck!

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