Meet Trip, My Jersey bull calf -- more pics pg 4!


Rosecomb Rich
12 Years
Nov 14, 2008
Norco, CA
Ill get some better pictures later, but this is him!

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no grilling here! this is like my son! Im getting him casterated soon. Hes just gonna be a pet...and when he gets older im gonna break him to ride
-- assuming he gets big enough (dont tell me im crazy i already know)!
we just sold a full grown jersey and only brought 46 cents a lbs,

good luck with him
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wow!! send some this way!!! lol i love them!! hes a doll baby.....honestly....he thinks hes a chicken....ill get some pictures tomorrow of him in the act lol...its pretty funny. he steals the chickens food and is quite aggressive about it. as in pushes everyone and everything out of the way even if that means climbing, stepping on, and squishing stuff! he would much rather eat layer crumbles than his own sweet thinking of writing a book titled, "The Cow Who Thinks He's a Chicken."
He's a cutie! How long have you had him? I love the big jersey eyes! Me and my mom are planning to add a jersey at some point, but we want a cow or heifer. Are you planning to let him keep his horns?
i havent decided on the horns thing....which i should have by goes through my mind everyday. but, my biggest problem is i dont know of anyone around here who could do it. im gonna try a local vet that i know does cows and horses. ive had him id say 3 months or so

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