Memoirs of Pip the strange young rooster

Pip the magnificent was hatched the very beginning of May along with his sister Chip from a science classroom in my hometown. As of now, he is around 6 weeks old. I have no idea who his mom is of my hens, but his dad was a Speckled Sussex rooster I was borrowing from a friend. Right off the bat, Pip was friendly and didn’t mind being handled. He loves to sit on heads, but nobody really likes it so shoulders are the next best thing.
This morning, I walked to the brooder to let everyone romp around outside (we have quite a few younger chicks in with the two old ones) and I swear I heard Pip try to crow. He was making a very weird wail sound that was only one note. He isn’t very vocal so I was concerned at first. When I let them outside we seemed very attentive as I took chick by chick out of the brooder. As they were outside, I set their feeder down and Pip called everyone to it using that rooster voice of his. I have a feeling he will be a great boy!

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